Saddle Company Saddles

The Saddle Company design and manufacture trees and saddles in Walsall, in the West Midlands. The Company is owned by David Johnson, Master Saddle Maker and fitter of 45 years standing.

David is a very keen rider himself and understands the needs of both horse and rider. This has been paramount in the design and manufacture of his saddles, combining the very best of modern technology with traditional methods and materials.

David has designed and patented the unique TreeTec tree, which is one of the only trees guaranteed to be totally symmetrical. It is this piece of unique engineering that enables Saddle Company saddles to be adjusted on site, and unlike those with interchangeable gullets which have far less adjustability, they can be adjusted to fit the narrowest and the widest of horses.

The advantage of Saddle Company Saddles

As a back specialist, Sam has first-hand experience of the damage a badly designed and unbalanced saddle can do to horses' back. This is why she recommends The Saddle Company saddles.

"The first thing that really impressed me with The Saddle Company saddles is the Tree Tec Tree. It is guaranteed to be symmetrical, which is a great start when we are striving for symmetry in the horse and rider. They are so easy to adjust, and is now an invaluable part of my work particularly with horses suffering underlying pathology and muscle atrophy."

Advantages of these saddles include:

The Saddle Company has designed a range of anatomical girths, retail at £90.