McTimoney Manipulation and Light (Biophotonic) Therapy

McTimoney manipulation realigns the spine and mobilises the joints, by indirectly releasing muscle tension. However, in some cases the muscles are so tight that another therapy is needed to work alongside manipulation. For several years Sam has been working alongside Di Foster – a light therapist trained in the US. By working together they have found that the rehabilitation period has decreased often by weeks, and the horse can return to work and competing much earlier than expected. Light therapy is carried out first, to help release the tight muscles and start the healing process followed by manipulation to realign the spine and mobilise the joints.

Light Therapy

Light therapy reduces pain and stimulates healing. Biophotonic therapy (BPT), also known as Low Energy Photon Therapy (LEPT), has been clinically shown to accelerate healing by at least 40%. At this time, no side effects have been found. In fact, Russian scientists exposed healthy tissue to biophotonic energy continuously for 30 days and found no damage to the tissue. The body simply does not absorb what it cannot use.

Light therapy has unique therapeutic effects including:

The Scanner

The scanner is a biofeedback device called the BioFind. It uses a small fork like instrument to stoke across the horses body which is attached to a battery unit worn around the waist. The finder measures electrical resistance in the cells and tissues via a process called relative conductance. Changes in resistance indicate an area to be treated; it is believed that a change in electrical resistance in bodily tissue is the first indication of a current or impending problem. When a hot spot is found it is marked with a crayon so that it can be located for treatment once the whole body has been scanned. The finder is simply another way to locate problem areas in the horse’s body.

Light Therapy

The light therapy is applied via a mixture of red and infrared light emitting diodes in small cluster heads. The energy of light called a photon is absorbed into the cellular content of the body; this causes a chemical reaction which starts the stimulation process of several bodily processes. Infrared penetrates to a depth of around 40mm and red to a depth of around 10mm this ensures treatment of tissue at all levels. The lights are used on each pinpointed area for between thirty seconds and one minute.

Most horses are very relaxed about being scanned and treated. While being treated the majority of horses display the typical signs of relief and relaxation i.e. yawning, stretching and licking and chewing. This happens as a result of the production of encephalins and endorphins, the body’s natural pain relievers. The whole process of scanning and treating a horse takes about 90 minutes.

For further information or to make an appointment please call

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After my mare recently had light therapy and McTimoney manipulation, her jump was amazing, really loose, free and powerful. I can’t believe how different she is. She moves so smoothly not stuffy like she was before. She used to unseat me and throw me around all over the place, but not now. I’m so impressed! DR– Bedfordshire