GNP® Canine Exercise Physiology

GNP developed as the result of observing how dogs develop naturally then harnessing this natural development into exercises specifically targeted to your dog's needs. Exercises range from simple and low key for those recovering from surgery or injury, to high powered and more complex for canine athletes in training.

GNP® uses targeted exercise techniques to loosen, strengthen, mobilise and stabilise you dogs muscles within his/her own capabilities.

Why is GNP® important?

GNP® will benefit all dogs regardless of breed, age or activity but above all it is a fun and engaging way for you and your dog to spend time together.

Example of GNP assessment exercise.

Effects of GNP

12 year old Border Terrier, presenting with signs of weakness in her hips and stifles. Photo A taken pre GNP session. Notice the hind legs are both wide and rotated under her body, compromising for her weakness. Photo B taken after just one GNP session, notice how the hind legs are straighter and more supportive under her hips.